This was the 2011-12 Season

Dreams of Whales is set in a magical land where things are not
what they seem. Walter, a dentist, returns home to the farm
of his childhood sweetheart Ruth. She refuses to see anyone,
having locked herself inside her house. Her son and daughter
show up to try to convince her to come out, but she won’t. Magic
ensues, whales swim overhead and the starry night comes alive!

Dreams of Whales


Dean Hawes

Arts Court Theatre

2 Daly Ave.

8 pm Tues. to Sat.
2 pm Saturday and Sunday
Preview on Tuesday Oct 18th and Wednesday 19th
Open Thursday Oct 20
Close Saturday Oct 29


A member of Shakespeare’s company of actors has some advice
for the Bard. He’d better hurry though because he‘s about to
meet his maker. Will Bill listen? Will he help? Find out! This is a
funny, passionate plea for theatre with a sharp point.

The Player’s Advice to Shakespeare


Brian K. Stewart

Arts Court Theatre

2 Daly Ave.

8 pm Tues. to Sat.

Preview  Wednesday March 7th
Open Thursday March 8th
Close Saturday March 17th

The Extremely Short Play Festival
Various Playwrights

This is a juried festival of plays that are under 10 minutes
in length. The Plays are:

                                           10 Minute Masque by Adam Pierre

                                  Float Like an Angel by Kevin and James Smith

                                               Happy by Tina Prud’homme

                                           Just Desserts by Kelley Tish Baker

                                        Running Late by Lawrence Aronovitch

                                          The Bridge by Jessica E. Anderson

                              The Dog, The Cat and The Fish by Andrea Connell

                                               The Orrery by Pierre Brault

                                  When the World Fell Away by Geoff McBride

                                                 You Win by Geoff McBride

                        Sophocles and Sid Vicious, A Dialogue by David O’Meara

Arts Court Theatre

2 Daly Ave.

8 pm Tues. to Sat.

Preview Tuesday May 1 Wednesday May 2
Open Thursday May 3
Close Saturday May 12
Tickets $30 adult
$25 students and seniors

7 thoughts on “This was the 2011-12 Season

    • Hi Brewster and Cathleen,
      If you have your subscription cards (you should) they have the Arts Court Box office number on them. It’s 613-564-7240. All you have to do is call the box office and reserve for the night you want to attend. Please bring your subscription cards with you since the numbers on the bottom of the cards represent the number of tickets. You can use the card to see one show three times or any combination of shows that add up to three (each show once or one show twice and one once). If you have any questions just email me personally at being a very small company means that not only am I directing and acting but I’m also the general manager… sometimes I have things fall through the cracks. Please forgive me. As we grow we will make it our mission to keep you up to date and in the know.

      All the best. Please stay after the show to say hi. I’ll be out in the lobby after I change and I hope we can chat.


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  3. Is your company accepting audition applications? Is there a certain address I could mail my headshot and resume to?

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